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From: Grant Edwards
Subject: EastEnders ChroniclesPlease find attached a story that I have written about a very horny and
handsome soap opera character young pussy 13
here in the UK. He is very popular amongst
women and gay men alike.I will do more if people want them. The EastEnders Chronicles No1 - Grant MitchellGrant Mitchell opened his eyes, stared at the ceiling, thought for a moment
and then glanced at the alarm clock. Still two hours to go before he had
to get up. He lay there for a moment just listening to himself breathe.
The white cotton bed linen was cool compared to the heat that his body was
giving off. And this morning he was particularly hot. He slid his arm
under the quilt and his hand ran down his hard chest over an erect nipple
down over his naked stomach until he reached his pubes. He then diverted
around the obvious place to explore as he placed his palm flat against a
muscular thigh. He flexed this muscle and felt satisfaction in the work he
had done in maintaining his physique. The younger mixed nude
other arm he raised up and bent
it bringing his hand under his head. Out of the corner of his eye he could
make out the defining contours of his arm muscles adding to his own
contentment.The other hand gradually made its' way up a little and his fat fingers
brushed against his hairy balls. "My crown jewels" he thought and a smile
spread across his face. By now feeling very horny, Grant slid a fat digit
against the horny young crack of his ass and felt how sweaty it was. There was a
little hair here and Grant pressed down further and touched the opening of
his hole. As soon as this was touched his eight inch cock sprang up
straight that it moved the quilt that was covering it."MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" he moaned.He rubbed the opening a little tgp young teen
bit more. The sensations he was getting was
amazing. And his cock was responding without him actually having to touch
it. With his thumb and index finger he opened up his hole further. The
heat that was coming from there was incredible. What he wanted up there was
a real hot tongue. Hot, wet and long.Just this thought let the last of his loose foreskin fall away from the
large red head of his dick and gave him a hardon that he hadn't experienced
for a long while, probably not since he had left the army. He pushed his
finger in a little more and his dick curved upwards straining, his teensex younger
head rubbing against the fabric of the bedding. He rubbed his hole faster
and faster and turned his head to one side in pleasure. Unexpectedly his
lips touched the soft skin porn young couple of his biceps that was still against his face.
He could smell the musk escaping from his arm pit and he exhaled the heady
masculine aroma. He opened his mouth and licked gently his muscle and then
started to kiss it.His ass muscles were also getting plenty of attention as they fixed tight
around his youngporn videobox
fingers as he probed deeper and deeper inside himself. He
continually groaned with self-pleasure young children masturbate
as his mouth, cock and ass were all
enjoying such sensations. His cock was rock solid now and his large
piss-slit welled up with pre-cum. He felt the drips of hot cum scorch down
the length of his dick only to be replaced my more fresh, clear juice.Grant kept his self busy for a long while. Sometimes he would bring his
raised arm down and caress his nipples which were now the size of football
studs. He would stroke his fine chest hair and then the broad flanks of
side of his body.Visions of people he had fucked or wanted to fuck filled his head.
Surprisingly most of these thoughts were of people he teens young photo wanted to have sex
with. Ricky - mmmmmmmmmmmm - yes Ricky was a handsome young man who worked
for his brother. Tony - he could definitely use his tongue at the moment
and Tony of course wasn't afraid of a bloke's dick. Steve, young chubby boys
the guy who had
bought the new Night-club was about the same age as him and he was as sure
as fuck that he'd be great in the sack.Eventually Grant could no longer hold on. Still fingering himself and
moaning even louder than ever Grant grabbed hold of his massive prick. He
kicked his quilt off him on to the floor and stroked his hand up and down
the hot and veiny shaft. Slowly at first then getting harder and more and
more forthright. Grant's face became strained as he began the eventual
climb to orgasm. His biceps tightened and his pecs enlarged and pushed
together making his nipples scratch against the flesh of his stretching
arms. . Both hand working in unison on both ass and cock.His cock twitched and swelled again and again until he knew that this was
the point of no return.He arched his back and pushed his ass against his fingers repeatedly. His
strokes increased and he let out a roar: "F......U......C......K!!!!!!"Grant's body spasm'd and huge spurts of cum flew from his slit and fell in
strings on to his body. Wad after wad after wad his cock expelled until he
was spent and had stopped yelling with pleasure."Happy Birthday, Grant," he sighed to himself with a grin.His breathing became more normal after a while and he lay there in
satisfaction... until the alarm clock startled him... and also Ricky who had been watching him for the last twenty minutes
from the crack in the doorway to Grant's Bedroom.Ricky - Phil's handsome garage mechanic.
Ricky - oldyoung galls who had let himself in (with the key Phil had gave him) to give
Grant his Birthday card.
Ricky - who now had tent-poled his overalls.
EastEnders Chronicles
No2 What Happened Next!The alarm sounded and startled the sated Grant who had just enjoyed
one of the most perfect (and unexpected) wanks he had ever had. He
sat up and rubbed his eyes. He climbed out of bed and stood up. He
let out one loud yawn then stood on tip-toes, stretched up and
lengthened all his muscles.
"Better have a shower." he thought as he felt the still warm, thick,
white cum drip from his body and tgp young teen the tip of his cock. Throwing a bath robe around him he headed for the door only to be
startled again."What you doing 'ere?" He snapped at Ricky Butcher who young young porn had just
been watching Grants' masturbation session with great appreciation."I've come to ..umm.. deliver this." He stretched out his hand and
gave Grant the Birthday card, "Phil gave me his keys to let me in and
asked kiddy young sex if you want to play snooker tonight?"Grant had other things on his mind. Did Ricky hear him groaning?
Did he see anything? Grant was also aware videos porn young of the massive boner
Ricky was sporting under those blue overalls of his. "Tell him I'll think about it," was all Grant could say. "I'm gonna
take a shower." Grant pushed by Ricky and unintentionally or not he
brushed his side against Ricky's groin. Grant felt the lad's dick
harden on his thigh but did not comment or do anything else - except
when he was about to enter the bathroom he spun around, causing the
robe to fall open and reveal his soft but still swollen dick. "Thanks for delivering the card." Grant said with a grin
Ricky face became more red than it already was and stared at the
enlarged organ. He then became aware of staring and looked at the
floor and mumbled, "No probs." and ran down videos porn young
the stairs very
embarrassed and even more horny than ever!
"You'll keep for another day mate!" Grant mused.Grant had a quick shower, then put on his track suit and went for his
daily jog around the square. He never wore any underwear and loved
the way his dick rubbed against his track suit bottoms. Feeling very
pleased with himself and congratulating himself with the way the
dealt with that horny bastard Ricky, he started running. In fact he was
feeling so arrogant that he ran a much faster than he would have
usually, actually bursting into the occasional sprint.After half and hour of extreme exercise Grant took a short respite on
the bench in the middle of the square. He felt the sweat running
down his chest and his short heavy breath turning into white clouds in
the fresh, crisp morning air. Grant then resumed his jogging to the children's playground which at
this time of the morning was totally deserted. When he got there he
found something which made him stop dead in his tracks.A man with his back to him appeared to be pissing up against the back
wall."Oi! You! Fuck off out of it!" Grant yelled.The man kept quiet and froze."Did you 'ere me? I said get out you dirty bastard!"
He still never moved. Grant's patience was cracking and he ran
towards the guy. Grabbing roughly the man's shoulder Grant swung
him around. This time Grant was not taking any crap and in his most
aggressive voice he bellowed,"You must be deaf, I said....." Grant's
voice trailed off when he recognised the man's face."You? What the fuck do we have here then?"Gianni Di Marco was speechless and dazed in being caught."Well you have really plumed the depths now mate." Grant said.
"I thought you was capable of many things but pissing in a kiddies
playground?" Grant looked down and to his surprise instead of a
limp dick he saw Gianni sporting a large and very swollen erection.
To be continued...If you have enjoyed this or have any comments to make, would like me to
continue the "EastEnders Chronicles" or would just like to say "Hi"
please E mail me: grant.edwardsvirgin.net

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